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2012-01-14 06:57:56
Good News About Tooele UT Real Estate

Loved Chris's post about what he thinks is Good News About Tooele Real Estate. I like his attitude, and hope he is right, for all of our sakes. Real Estate is the backbone of our economy, and a robust Real Estate market is a major ingrediant in any economic recovery.

Tooele County, and specifically Stansbury Park should be a leader in any recovery or uptick in the Salt Lake area housing market.

The reason? The same reasons that have driven healthy Real Estate areas in the past.

  • Location....Tooele is just 20 to 25 minutes from Salt Lake City, the major Utah employment center.
  • Price.........Homes in Tooele County have historically been priced much less than houses & condos in the southern parts of the Salt lake Valley.
  • Lifestyle....Home buyers can own a home with the advantages of small town rural America, just 25 minutes from the hub of Utah activity.

See what else the Tooele Real Estate office had to say.

2011 in the rearview mirror, 2012 in the windshield

It may be hard to believe, but I often struggle to find something to say! I'm talking about subjects to write about, since my interests are often kindly considered to be slightly off by my friends and family. So, you'd think that a New Year would lend itself to easy material, as everyone is talking resolutions, goals etc. So, to be contrary, I haven't written any such stuff for public consumption. Until now!

Anyone that's familiar with me or with this blog knows of my love/hate relationship with the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin, and if you read the paper you probably are aware of their feelings for me as well. It's not that I don't like the individuals at the paper by any means. I actually count many of them as friends. Heaven knows they get enough dumb quotes from me to fill volumes! It's generally the positions of the editorial board that makes me swear. The phrase 'We'll have to agree to disagree' has passed between us on many occasions, but that's fine.

So, imagine my surprise to open the latest editorial titled 'Our wish list for 2012' and find that not only am I not offended by anything they said, but I actually agree with it! My issue with them in the past has been my perception that they don't report much positive news about the County. It's pretty clear to me that in this case, they have seen how lucky we are here. While it's obviously a tough time economically out there for individuals and municipalities alike, they not only acknowledged some of the good things done around here, specifically the way Tooele City has managed it's finances of late. Obviously, they also mentioned the room for improvement, but overall, I liked their list.

I echo more of their sentiments this year than last. I agree with their stand on wanting more walking/biking trails, and their hope that Rocky Mountain Power doesn't tear up the hillside any more than they have to.  I'm certainly on board with their hopes that we'll continue to work toward living local.

If I could add to their list, it would probably be the hope that all the local entities focus like lasers on economic development. Some of these folks have certainly been more effective than others, and hopefully they know who they are. But, it occurs to me that much of the wish list, and many other wishes unmentioned can only be accomplished with an infusion of capital into our County. We need the ability to put our people to work in this County. We need to replace good paying jobs that we are in the midst of losing, as well as add more. Living local will only really be possible, when our elected officials realize that we are in competition with the rest of the State and that the survival of our quality of life rests on being more aggressive in this arena.

Good things are happening. Stansbury Park finally is getting a much needed tax base with the completion of the new Soelberg's grocery store as well as the remaining retail space that goes with it. Grantsville continues to turn around and get headed in the right economic direction under their recent new leadership. New residential construction is starting to appear again. Tooele County is still the best place to be in Utah.

Congratulations to the Transcript for figuring out a way for us to 'agree to agree'! I'm sure we'll be ticking each other off again shortly. Especially if they decide to bring up non-partisan elections for next years wish list!

Call Berna @ 435-840-5029 if you are interested in homes for sale in Tooele, or would like more Good News About Tooele Real Estate. 

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