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2019-02-05 10:48:10
Any Owner Financing Homes For Sale in SLC

Owner FinancingA question i'm asked a lot is 'are there any owner financing homes for sale In SLC'. I'm not always sure exactly what is meant by the question, but it generally means the buyer cannot qualify for a home mortgage at this time and needs the seller to offer some help.

Owner Financing, Wraps, Contract for deed, are all terms that signify that the owner of a property is willing and has the authority to assist with the financing of a home purchase. That assistance may take many forms. It may be help with just the down payment (with lender approval). It could be in the form of a contract where the home owner acts as the mortgage lender. Sometimes the owner will offer to take back a second mortgage, financing only a part of the debt.

Regardless, the need to work with and qualify through a typical lender is often not necessary.

Owner Financing Homes Listed in SLC

Not many homes can be purchased like this in Salt Lake or surrounding towns, but here are a few in various communities in the county.

Why is Seller Financing Important

Some type of Owner Financing independent of traditional lending requirements could be  important in today's market. Many previous homeowners have had their homes foreclosed and can no longer qualify for a mortgage. In many cases these home buyers are good credit risks who only have a foreclosure of an underwater home on their record.

These Home buyers in spite of a willingness, and a capacity to buy, are locked out of buying a house with a typical mortgage. 

If you are in this spot and need help getting relocated, some type of Owner Financing may be what you need.

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If you want to talk more about seller financing, and don't have an agent, give me a call; Travis Straw 801-231-7949. I'd love to help, and talk more about any owner financing homes for sale in SLC.

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