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2016-10-16 15:54:54
More Tooele Real Estate News From Berna

Berna on tourWe had more Tooele real estate news from Berna last week that is worth passing on. Many of our folks have been looking at property in Tooele County, and we think for good reasons. Some of those are :

  • Lifestyle: Most of the communities provide a rural and casual lifestyle.
  • Value: Whenever prices in this area are compared against Salt Lake neighborhoods, Tooele wins, hands down.
  • 100% mortgage loans: Tooele County still qualifies for federal USDA loans that will finance 100% of the purchase price of your new home.
  • Location: Driving time to the Salt Lake International Airport, and to downtown SLC are just a few freeway miles down the road.

That's why we like to republish Bernas thoughts about the Market......... Just in case

Real Estate Tips From Berna About Tooele Utah


Last week Berna & Chris posted some very helpful information about buying & selling homes in Tooele County. The inventory out there , or lack of houses to sell, and some financing advise. Some of it was so good that I asked Berna if I could share it.

We know that all real estate is local, so her numbers may not apply to the Salt Lake market.  

Woops, what am I saying? Tooele is part of the Salt Lake market.

It certainly is an alternative to some of the other areas along the Wasatch Front. Frankly a pretty good option.

Take a look ar what Berna has to say 



    Use Our Online Mortgage Calculator

    A Quick and Easy Guide to Using an Online Mortgage Calculator   Looking for a mortgage to buy a home in Tooele? Want to refinance your Tooele house? Use our

    Posted on: 13-10-2016, 15:17:33 by Berna Sloan


  • How Big a Down Payment Do You Need in Tooele UT

      How to Determine How Big of a Down Payment You Need In Tooele UT It doesn’t really matter where you are getting your home loan. What matters is what

    Posted on: 06-10-2016, 17:47:13 by Berna Sloan



    5 Reasons To Sell Your Tooele Home

    5 reasons to sell your Tooele UT home. The message to Bernas Tooele Utah followers was highlighted with the 5 reasons to sell this fall. It was featured by Berna

    Posted on: 05-10-2016, 11:01:47 by Berna Sloan



    Tooele Housing Inventory Impacts Sales

    Ever wonder if the Tooele housing inventory impacts sales? I have, and maybe you need to know if you are buying or selling a home in our area. Yesterday I

    Posted on: 04-10-2016, 13:04:26 by Berna Sloan



    What’s Happening in Tooele Real Estate

    I love to help my clients with anything having to do with real estate in Tooele UT. Anything legal that is. And speaking of legal I can’t give legal advise,

    Posted on: 03-10-2016, 19:37:54 by Berna Sloan

You can see by this that Berna knows her stuff. I hope it's been helpful to you, and if it did spark interest you'll give her a call. Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. Or, just log into her home search website and check out her blog that we some  times call ' more Tooele real estate news from Berna'.

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