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2015-12-13 04:12:51
Condo or Single Family Home in Salt Lake

Salt Lake Condominium Vs. Single Family Properties

A typical debate among first time buyers is whether to purchase a Salt Lake condominium or single family. Each includes different benefits. Buyers expectedly evaluate the price difference, but there are further considerations to be aware of. Below are a few things to consider when deciding between Salt Lake condominium vs. single family properties.

Amount of Privacy

Although unattached units are sometimes available, usually condominiums are adjoined to other units. Thus, you normally share a wall as well as other boundaries. If independence and privacy are a must, then single family homes are the best solution.

Social Setting

Given the relation to other homes and the amenities, Salt Lake condominium vs. single family properties may be somewhat different. With condominiums, you are more likely to meet neighbors (such as in common areas). With single families, your space has more separation from your neighbors, so socializing with others will require a deliberate effort. It is worth noting that some single family properties located in subdivisions might still offer moments to socialize if they provide common amenities.

Power to Complete Renovations

The ability to complete renovations is a primary distinction between Salt Lake condominium vs. single family properties. With condominiums, there are rules on what you may or may not do to your home. In most condominiums, you may change the inside of your home so long as you do not damage the structure. Exterior features are typically managed by the condo association. When it comes to single families, you only have the local building codes to consider.

Home Repairs

Condominiums are less maintenance compared to single families . This is because Condominium fees usually include exterior maintenance such as landscaping and exterior repairs. Therefore, you would not have to address covered maintenance and repairs yourself as a condominium owner. With single family homes, you are responsible for all of the maintenance, both inside and out. If you have a hectic life, then condominium living may be a good match.

Choosing Between Salt Lake Condominium Vs. Single Family Properties

There technically is no answer to Salt Lake condominium vs. single family properties and which is best. Each offers many pluses. Ultimately, it comes down to your own preferences. Do you want to complete fewer maintenance tasks? Do you prefer added privacy? How do you feel about interacting with others? Do you plan to rehab? By answering these questions and learning how it applies to Salt Lake condominium vs. single family properties, you can make an educated decision.

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If you have more questions about buying Salt Lake condominiums vs single family homes, give us a call. We have associates that understand additional reasons to choose what's right for you. Call Gordon, 801-567-0946

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