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2015-05-15 10:15:12
Berna is Listing & Selling Tooele Homes

Berna is listing and selling Tooele homes.

Did you see what Berna was face booking about this week? Lots of encouraging articles about buying a home NOW; while prices are low and interest rates are down. 

While she is at it, (if I was a seller ) she convinced me that if i was looking for a listing agent anywhere near Tooele UT, i'd better give her a call. (Cause she will have ALL the home buyers).

The post I paid the most attention to was the latest. The one about the difference interest rates can make to either the monthly payment or the kind of home you and your family will live in.

That got my attention, and brought back horrible memories about what it was like selling homes in a market where 16% was a good interest rate. (yes, I'm that old).

Anyway here are a few of her FB offerings. Don't forget to click on the photos and graphs to see all of the article


You Want to Raise My Rent How Much? | Simplifying The Market

You Want to Raise My Rent How Much?

We recently reported that investment purchases in 2014 fell 7.4% for the year, that combined with a diminished supply of distressed inventory allowing for big profits, has real estate investors looking for a new way to make more money in 2015.

So if they don’t have new properties to buy… how would they make more money? Easy… they are going to raise your rent!


The Truth About Rising Prices & Family Wealth | Simplifying The Market

The Truth About Rising Prices & Family Wealth

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released a report revealing that the growing wealth gap in this country has been impacted by the recent increases in real estate values coupled with the drop in homeownership rates. The report discloses:

“Over 90 percent of metro areas have experienced declining homeownership rates at a time when home values have risen and incomes have remained flat.”



I hope you enjoyed what Berna had to say, and are convinced that berna is listing and selling Tooele homes. If you didn't see her phone # it's 435-840-5029. If you are more interested in property in Salt Lake give me a call 801-567-0946. I'll answer the phone, my name is Gordon.


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