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2015-03-16 13:41:26
Is This Your Real Estate Agent

Realtors Dont Just Sell Homes-Is This Your Realtor?

Realtors ® don't just sell homes!

Realtors® don't just sell homes? So what else do they do?

They do a lot. More than you probably know.

Most of what a Realtor does is done way below the radar. Agents and brokers will try to remind you about the many facets of the transaction as they talk about why it makes sense to list your home with them. If you have bought or sold a house or condo recently you probably have the list you were given about 'what your agent can do for you'. It's a long list and generally reflects all of the services covered in a fee. In other words what agents do to earn the check.

But that's not what we are talking about here. Here we are talking about services provided by agents that never directly show up on the profit and loss statement.

Last week, Chris Sloan, the Owner/Broker of the Tooele office of Group1 Real Estate, (that's his photo at the top of the page) posted an article about involvement in Tooele County, of the local real estate agents, and their brokers.

Their was a lot to think about in his article, and it made me want to share it with you, in hopes that when or if you are in a position to evaluate an agent to represent you as either a buyer or seller, you will insist on two thinks,

  1. The agent you choose will be at least as involved in the community as Chris and many of his Realtor friends are
  2. You choose to work with an agent that lives and works in the area you are buying or selling property in.

Here is what Chris had to say.

Community Involvement

What do Real Estate Agents do?

Well for one thing, since many of us live where we work, it's in our best interest to make our communities better. You don't see many events happen in Tooele County that don't have Realtor® volunteer involvement somewhere. 

You've seen us at the high school football game. You've seen us collecting food for the Tooele County Food Bank. Gathering school supplies for needy kids? We're there. Sub for Santa? Serving breakfast on the 4th of July? Collecting diapers and formula for the Baby Care Cupboard for Kiwanis? Yep, we're there.

Those are the visible, 'public' things we do. However, there are lots of things we do that you never see. I want to talk about one of those. 

Representing Real Estate & Private Property Rights

The term 'special interest group' always has a negative connotation attached to it. I've never understood that. If you think about it, don't we ALL have things we care about, things that are 'special' to us? Here in Tooele County, we hear people that want to protect animals. That's a special interest. Help the homeless? Special interest. Reading to kids? You get it. I get the opportunity to serve on several different Boards for organizations with 'special interests'. The Tooele County Chamber of Commerce has an interest in promoting business in Tooele County. Healthy business here makes your tax burden smaller! The Utah Transit Authority special interest is moving people in the best way possible and helping with air quality along the Wasatch Front.

The Realtor® special interest is really quite simple. We are the ONLY special interest group fighting constantly to protect your property rights. We watch government at the local, state and national level to make sure that you rights aren't threatened by legislation or excessive regulation. We watch to make sure that you aren't subject to unfair taxation on your property. We even watch things that you might not think are related to your property, but could actually have a devastating affect on you. Every year, we track over 100 bills that could have an effect on your property rights, and that's just at the state level. We do the same thing in Washington DC. You'll also see us at City council and County Commission meetings. 

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join 400 of my Realtor® friends for our annual 'Realtor Day at the Hill'. We got 3 hours of quality continuing education while getting to hear from our elected officials. We received great information on how well Utah is doing economically from Governor Herbert (Realtor®). We had a good legislative update from Senate President Wayne Niederhauser and Congressional updates from Reps Bishop, Stewart and Chaffetz. We then traveled to the capital and had a terrific dinner with our state legislators. 


A good life is built on successful relationships. Whether it's in your marriage, your business or in politics relationships matter. While we may be criticized for being a 'special interest' group, I'm very proud of what we Realtors® do. Most of it is built on good relationships, whether it's with our clients or our elected officials. They depend on us for good information, and you may depend on us to keep protecting our clients and our communities from anyone taking your property rights without a fight!


Thanks for giving this a good read. Now let me ask one more thing. Is this your Realtor?

Give it some thought. Don't you want your next agent to have a vested interest in your community? Don't you think that the next time you say, 'yes that's my Realtor' it should mean something?

If so, and you are looking at doing something in Real Estate in Tooele County, call Chris or Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.  Because Realtors don't just sell homes.

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